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Kimball, NE 69145
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Kimball Auto Parts

Kimball Auto Parts Your Auto Parts Store In Kimball

Buy online or in the store and save money instantly by comparing performance and prices on the best selection of auto parts. Do you enjoy the convenience of online shopping but want the in-person assistance of an auto parts specialist? Get the best of both worlds with Kimball Auto Parts in Kimball.

With Kimball Auto Parts, you can buy auto parts online, call us at 308-235-3642 or stop by the store at 810 West Hwy 30 for in-person help. Skip sorting through endless catalogs of auto parts and get recommendations on only the top-rated auto parts you need for your next repair job.

Shop, Save, and Compare Instantly!

Deals! Get manufacturer coupons and rebates
Get the exact OEM part for your vehicle with the manufacturer warranty
Enjoy in-store support from our auto parts specialists
Receive fast shipping
Follow your auto parts with online package tracking
Use the in-store pickup option
Locate "Hard-to-Find" parts
Explore aftermarket high-performance upgrades
Find in stock parts for best-selling and most popular cars and trucks
Easy 30-day returns

When you buy auto parts online at Kimball Auto Parts, you receive the highest quality auto parts at the best prices. Shop now or give us a call at 308-235-3642 or stop by the store today at 810 West Hwy 30.